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Health insurance, medical test access & fees

Question 1: I just started a new job and my employer told me that I would have to complete my probation period before I can … Continue reading

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BHeC SnapFact 17th March 2015

“You should eat real food, mostly plants and not too much of it”

"I saw an article last week saying there were changes to some health insurance regulations. What does it mean? Sounds like it’s only important for medical professionals, not me!"
For the answer and the full article visit: "Sharing Responsibility for Health Information" - Bernews, Matters in Healthcare, 28th January 2015

BHeC SnapFact 3rd March 2015

Did you know….if you are absent from work for more than two days, your employer can request a sick certificate. And your doctor can only … Continue reading

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Raising awareness of Claims Regulations requirements

Regulations requiring better information on health insurance claims will be fully implemented from 1st April 2015, which health professionals and the public should be aware … Continue reading

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Ensuring you get the medical test you need

Many medical concerns may require your health professional to refer you for laboratory or imaging tests at another facility. Delayed or denied tests can be avoided … Continue reading