Patient Safety Laws

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Patient safety laws protect the public from avoidable harms by enhancing oversight of healthcare facilities and ensuring that health services are provided in exceptional facilities, by trained health professionals, who use safe medical equipment to diagnose and treat health conditions.

Myth vs. Facts

The new legislation will enhance quality care across the island. Section 13 of the Bermuda Health Council Act 2004 provides authority for the Health Council to license health service providers; and thus, it is being proposed to bring Section 13 into effect and create the required regulations to control the entry of high-risk health technology, and monitor financially-vested referrals, including self referrals. This legislation will support patients in making educated decisions about where they receive care. It will assist the Council with better health system planning by knowing what care is available and working well. It will also give us an opportunity to improve patient protection against avoidable harm by sharing better information about health services.

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