How to make a query about our health system

Bermuda’s health system can seem overwhelming and confusing at times.

Luckily, that’s where the Bermuda Health Council can help.

In 2015, we handled 45 complaints and 151 queries on matters ranging from everything to health insurance coverage to illegal billing practices and the quality of care provided.

For the full article visit: How to make a query about our health system, Bermuda Blisss Magazine, 11th February 2016

Registering health service businesses

In September last year 245 health service providers registered with the Bermuda Health Council for the first time. Though voluntary, this registration represented 76% of all eligible health service providers.

As this is the first time health service providers have been asked to register on the Island, the Health Council said they would like to provide some answers to frequently asked questions below, with the answers supplied by Tawanna Wedderburn, Acting CEO of the Bermuda Health Council.

For the full article visit: “BHeC: Registering Health Service Businesses” – Bernews, Matters in Healthcare, 27 Jan. 2016

Your employer’s health insurance responsibility

Question:  I went to the doctor recently and received a bill months later for a service I thought I was insured for.  I get insurance through my job, so I contacted my insurer and they told me that my policy was not active. Why wasn’t I told before?  Whose responsibility is it to inform employees if their health insurance is not active; the employer or the insurance company?

For the answer to this question and more visit: Your employer’s health insurance responsibility, Matters in Healthcare, Bernews, 16 December 2015

Health insurance coverage and your rights

Young, old, female or male, at some point, everyone will need to visit a doctor, dentist or other health professional. What no one wants is a large bill for care they really need. Health insurance can provide some protection from potentially large bills; especially in the case of unexpected catastrophic health events. What you may not know, are your rights as a resident in Bermuda when it comes to your health insurance coverage.

For the full article visit: “Health insurance coverage and your rights”, Health and Fitness, Bermuda Bliss, 14th December 2015

Registering health businesses

Query: I saw that the Throne Speech did not include anything about ensuring the safety of health businesses on the Island. Is anyone checking? Is there any oversight when it comes to these organizations?

Answer:The quick answer is yes there has been oversight and it is currently expanding. Regulated health professionals [the individual] register with their relevant Boards who review their qualifications and determine if they are qualified to practice in Bermuda.

For the full article visit: BHeC Answers Questions on Throne Speech, Bernews, 25th November 2015.