If you have a request for the Bermuda Health Council that you wish to make under the Public Access to Information (PATI) Legislation and its Regulations, we would be happy to assist.

Our Information Statement, which provides you with a detailed description of the records we hold, the structure of our organization and our governing legislation is available here: Health Council Information Statement.

Please review the Information Statement, our FAQs page  and our Operating documents page to assist in completing the request.

To place your PATI request, please contact our Information Officer, Jessica Lightbourne by:

  • Online Form (below)
  • Email:
  • Letter – Sterling House, 3rd Floor, 16 Wesley Street, Hamilton, HM11
  • In person

Please remember, that all PATI requests will also require proof of Bermudian status or residency in order to be accepted (Section 12). The Bermuda Health Council requires a Bermudian driver’s licence , passport or voter ID card and a utility bill. These documents must be provided in person.

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