Employers’ Compliance with the Health Insurance Act 1970

The Health Council monitors and enforces compliance with the Health Insurance Act 1970. Section 20 of the Act asserts that every employer shall provide health insurance for employees working over 15 hours per week and more than two months in the calendar year, and, their non-working spouses. Therefore, it is the employer who is responsible for the full health insurance policy, of which they deduct half of health insurance premium.

Employers Must:

  • Provide employees with health insurance
  • Pay at least 50% of insurance premiums for full-time employees and non-working spouses. Health insurance coverage begins the day the employee starts his or her job.
  • Provide their employees with information about their insurance contract.
  • Provide employees with paystubs outlining deductions for health insurance coverage.
  • Pay employees’ medical bills during periods of inactive coverage.

Employees Must:

  • Provide personal details needed to start a policy.
  • Confirm your health insurance status when you start your job.
  • Keep a copy of all your paystubs, noting what is being deducted for health insurance.
  • Contact your insurance provider for clarity on your coverage.
  • Check your health insurance status regularly and know the extent of your coverage.
  • Tell your employer when circumstances relating to your insurance policy change.