Fee Schedules

Fees are regulated for services under the Standard Health Benefit (SHB) and for hospital treatment by private physicians and dentists. SHB is the minimum benefit package that must be included in any health insurance policy sold in Bermuda. SHB covers inpatient and outpatient care, home medical services and diagnostic imaging services.

The Standard Premium Rate (SPR) includes the cost of those benefits and the Mutual Reinsurance Fund (MRF).

The fees for the SHB and MRF are set by the Minister of Health and Seniors and are reviewed annually to ensure healthcare providers are fairly compensated, while seeking to contain the growth in healthcare costs. The economic conditions of the current year and the following year are taken into consideration to ensure there is no undue financial pressure on the health system.

These are the approved providers and the fee schedules for Diagnostic Imaging Services and Home Medical Services for 1st June 2017 -31st March 2018.

Additionally there are also the Bermuda Hospitals Board (Hospital Fees) Regulations and the Bermuda Hospitals Board (Medical and Dental Charges) Order.