Fee Schedules

In health systems around the world, payments to healthcare providers like hospitals, labs and professionals, are the biggest share of costs. For this reason, fees paid to providers are of critical concern for health system policy-makers whose job it is to ensure sustainability over the long run. Presently health system policy-makers everywhere are grappling with maintaining and improving efficiency, access, and quality, while containing costs.

In Bermuda fees are regulated for services under the Standard Hospital Benefit (SHB) and for hospital treatment by private physicians and dentists.

The fees are set by Government and are reviewed annually to ensure healthcare providers are fairly compensated, while seeking to contain the growth in healthcare costs. The economic conditions of the current year and the following year are taken into consideration to ensure there is no undue financial pressure on the health system.

There are four schedules regulating these fees:

Bermuda Hospitals Board (Hospital Fees) Regulations 
Bermuda Hospitals Board (Medical and Dental Charges) Order
Diagnostic Imaging Fee Schedule 2016-17
Home Medical Services Fee Schedule 2016-17

Standard Hospital Benefit 

The Standard Hospital Benefit (SHB) is the minimum benefit package that must be included in any health insurance policy sold in Bermuda. SHB covers the majority of local hospital costs and some non-hospital care; and insurers are obligated to pay all claims under SHB.

Applications for additions to the SHB are not being accepted at this time following a moratorium by the Bermuda Health Council. The moratorium will be in effect pending review of the SHB by the Bermuda Health Council.