Licensing of Health Insurers

All health insurers (which includes health insurance companies, approved employer-financed health schemes, and the Health Insurance Department of the Bermuda Government) wishing to undertake health insurance business in Bermuda must apply to the Bermuda Health Council for a license which will be valid from the approval date until December 31st of the same year. License renewals take place on an annual basis from January 1st of each year.

For questions about licensing health insurers, please contact Tiara Carlington at 292-6420.
2017 Licensed Health Insurers and Approved Health Insurance Schemes
Health Insurance Amendment Act 2012

Registration of Health Professionals

Bermuda boasts approximately 2,500 registered health professionals from 25 different health professions. Each professional must demonstrate that they are competent to practice in order to be registered to deliver healthcare. Professionals must also re-register and meet continuing education requirements. Registration protects the public and influences the nature and quality of health services provided. Registration involves three distinct processes:

  • Credential review and vetting
  • Maintenance of re-credentialing
  • Surveillance and supervision of the profession

The following steps are required to be registered as a health professional in Bermuda. As procedures may vary across professions and according to whether a work permit is required, verification with the relevant statutory body is recommended (see Professional Bodies page).

Step 1 – Application process

  • A completed application form including supporting documentation and a prescribed fee are submitted to the Registrar of the statutory body.
  • The application form and required documents are vetted.

Step 2 – Approval

  • Once the applicant’s credentials are vetted, a confirmation of registration letter (approval to practice) is forwarded to the applicant.

Step 3 – Entrance on the Register

  • The professional’s name is officially entered on the professional register.
  • The Register is gazetted on an annual or bi-annual basis depending on the profession.

The applicant is required to re-register and provide evidence of continuing education on a regular basis.

Current Statutory Councils and Boards

Current Statutory Councils and Boards