Professional Bodies

In Bermuda some healthcare professions are regulated and some are not. Regulated health professionals are registered by legal bodies charged with overseeing a profession.  Registration usually involves checking a health professional’s training and qualifications, and agreeing to adhere to any established standards of practice for that profession.

Unregulated health professionals are usually members of professional associations, which allow the professional to keep up their skills and benefit from some oversight of clinical practice. The practice areas below include regulated professions and those professions that are in the process of becoming regulated.  Visit the links below for more information:

Acupuncture Massage Therapy
Addiction Counselling Medical Lab Technology
Allied Health Medicine
Chiropody Nursing
Chiropractic Occupational Therapy
Counselling Optometry
Dentistry Pharmacy
Diagnostic Imaging Physiotherapy
Dietetics Psychology
Emergency Medical Technicians Social Work
Health Insurance Speech, Language Pathology