Health service provider registration

Health service providers are registered to ensure standards of appropriate clinical care and safety are met. In addition, registration allows for promotion of safe clinical practice environments, health system planning, ethical practice; and to protect patient rights and care.

The Health Council does not regulate the clinical practice of regulated health professionals. Regulated health professionals are registered by legal bodies charged with overseeing a profession. Registration of health professionals usually involves checking a health professional’s training and qualifications, and agreeing to adhere to any established standards of practice for that profession. For information about registration of health professionals visit our professional bodies page.

The Health Council regulates health service providers through registration. Registration of health service providers aims to enhance patient safety and care by focusing on improving health outcomes, service quality, patient satisfaction, and availability of information for patients.

In order to register health service providers, we receive reports from different agencies to verify their information. The Department of Health provides the inspection reports and the professional boards or associations supply a register of health professionals.

Who can register Compliance report details
Health service provider definition Registration criteria
The registration process

Register of health service providers

Below is the list of health service providers and their compliance reports.

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