Youth and Seniors


The Department of Health welcomes all teens for free, confidential help and advice on:

Dental Health – Call 278-6440 for an appointment

Healthy Schools – Call 278-6502 to get your school involved!

Maternal Health and Family Planning (Women’s Clinic) – Call 278-6441 or 278-6475

Nutrition – Call 278-6467 or 278-6468 or 278-6469 for an appointment

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy – Call 278-6428 for an appointment

Pregnancy – Upstairs at Hamilton Health Centre or call 278-6411

Sexual Health – Upstairs at Hamilton Health Centre or call 278-6442 or 278-6487

Speech Language – Call 278-6429 for an appointment

Teen Health – Ground floor at Hamilton Health Centre or call 278-6460 or 278-6461


Bermuda Youth Counseling Services – Call 296-7548
A confidential Youth Addictions Outpatient Treatment Programme where skilled staff assists youth and families with problems caused by experimenting with tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.
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Child and Adolescents Services – Call 239-6344
Emotional health

Teen Services – Call 292-4598
This organization not only focuses on pregnant teens and young mothers, but also caters to the needs of young men and acknowledges the achievements of youth throughout the island.
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For a full list of services, please view our Healthcare Directory



The Dr. Barbara Ball Public Health Scholarship is provided by the Ministry of Health to assist Bermudians with a proven need and seeking careers or professional development in public health. Scholarships may be offered for study in nursing, occupational therapy, speech therapy, maternal care, dental hygiene, dentistry, psychiatry, drug counseling, social work, occupational safety and health, environmental health, health education and medical studies.
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The Bermuda Hospital Board Scholarship is awarded to a Bermudian who has completed two years of college or university education and intend to work in the healthcare industry.
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The Dr. James A.C. King Medical Scholarship is awarded on a bi-annual basis to a Bermudian student who is within two years of completing an accredited medical degree programme.
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Bermuda College – View Website
Summer Employment Programme (SEP) – the SEP is one of many programmes developed by Department of Labour & Training. SEP provides a variety of summer positions with in the Government of Bermuda Public Service.
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Communities that Care Youth Survey 2003 (Section 3: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use)

Health Survey of Adults & Children in Bermuda (2006)

Teen Wellness Survey 2001

STEPS to a Well Bermuda 2014


DoH Directory of Services 201516


The Seniors Wellness Clinics provide seniors with preventive health services to promote healthy choices and lifestyles. Services offered include:

  • basic screenings
  • health education and promotion
  • immunisations
  • nutrition assessment and counselling
  • functional assessments

St. George’s Clinic – 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month: 2pm – 4pm
1 Old Military Road, St Georges
Tel: 297-8200

Hamilton Clinic – Every Wednesday: 2pm – 4pm
67 Victoria Street, Hamilton
Tel: 278-6460

Somerset Clinic – 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month: 2pm – 4pm
55 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandys
Tel: 234-0202


Ageing and Disability Services – Call 292-7802

This is a government office providing services especially for seniors and physically challenged individuals. Services include:

  • Assessment and evaluation for care, services and programmes
  • Referral for treatment and rehabilitation services
  • Counseling for seniors with health and social economic problems
  • Placement in residential care homes following geriatric assessment
  • Enforcement of regulations for residential care homes
  • Promotion and public awareness


Aging in Bermuda: Meeting the Needs of Seniors (2004)

Aging Trends: Report on the Seniors’ Test for Aging Trends and Services for Age Concern

The Changing Face of Bermuda’s Seniors (2005)