Forms and Registration

The Health Council currently registers health service provider (facility) on a voluntary basis. Registering a health service provider helps to ensure that the provider is meeting specific safety and operational standards, the people delivering the healthcare services are registered an adequately trained, any high risk technology is monitored and there are appropriate controls for health service providers to refer patients. We can also make recommendations for insurance reimbursement.

Application for Health Service Provider Registration 2018

The Health Council tracks the movement of health professionals throughout the Health System. If your health facility is experiencing a change in health professionals, whether you are hiring new professionals or if they are moving on, we encourage you to complete the below form.

Change in Professional Staff Reporting Form

Health Professionals are registered with their relevant statutory body under the Office of the Chief Medical Officer.

Each professional must demonstrate that they are competent to practice in order to be registered to deliver healthcare. Professionals must also re-register and meet continuing education requirements. Registration protects the public and influences the quality of health services provided. Registration involves three distinct processes:

  • Credential review and vetting
  • Maintenance of re-credentialing
  • Surveillance and supervision of the profession

The following steps are required to be registered as a health professional in Bermuda. As procedures may vary across professions and according to whether a work permit is required, verification with the relevant statutory body is :

Step 1 – Application process

  • A completed application form including supporting documentation and a prescribed fee are submitted to the Registrar of the statutory body.
  • The application form and required documents are vetted.

Step 2 – Approval

  • Once the applicant’s credentials are vetted, a confirmation of registration letter (approval to practice) is forwarded to the applicant.

Step 3 – Entrance on the Register

  • The professional’s name is officially entered on the professional register.
  • The Register is gazetted on an annual or bi-annual basis depending on the profession.

The applicant is required to re-register and provide evidence of continuing education on a regular basis.

Facilities must apply and annually renew their registration to provide services under the Standard Health Benefit (SHB). The Health Council has developed a formal mechanism for approving and renewing the status of facilities and providers, establishing that they are safe, follow best business practices and are legally compliant.

Click here to complete an application.

Click here for the child abuse register security vetting form.

SHB Proposals Guide DRAFT

All health insurers (which includes health insurance companies, approved employer-financed health schemes, and the Health Insurance Department of the Bermuda Government) wishing to undertake health insurance business in Bermuda must apply to the Bermuda Health Council for a license which will be valid from the approval date until 31st December of the same year. License renewals take place on an annual basis from 1st January of each year.

2017 Licensed Health Insurers and Approved Health Insurance Schemes

Home Medical Services (HMS) are professional nursing services provided in the home to treat a medical condition. The Health Council approves HMS and reimbursement rates to be covered under the Standard Health Benefit. A patient must be referred by a physician to an approved HMS agency to qualify for the benefit.

Physician Referral Form for Home Medical Services

The Health Insurance (Health Service Providers and Insurers) (Claims) Regulations 2012 prohibit charging insured patients for the insured portion of a health bill at the time of service (upfront payments), and set out the requirements and procedures for providers to make claims and receive reimbursement.

The Bermuda Health Council monitors and enforces compliance by health service providers and insurers with the Regulations.


Health Insurance Claim Form

CR1- Application by Insurer Claims Regulations
This form is for use by insurers who wish to apply to vary time requirements to pay electronic health insurance claims per section 10 of the Health Insurance (Health Service Providers and Insurers) (Claims) Regulations 2012.

CR2- Application by Provider Claims Regulations
This form is for use by health service providers who wish to apply for permission to require payment by an insured person of the insured portion of a procedure in accordance with section 5 of the Health Insurance (Health Service Providers and Insurers) (Claims) Regulations 2012.

CR3- Application for Exemption Claims Regulations
This form is for use by health service providers who wish to apply for an exemption in accordance with section 15 of the Health Insurance (Health Service Providers and Insurers) (Claims) Regulations 2012.

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