Employer Compliance with the Health Insurance Act 1970

The Health Council monitors employers’ compliance with the requirement to provide themselves, their employees and their employees’ non-employed spouses with health insurance under the Health Insurance Act 1970.

To monitor compliance with the Act, we require local insurers to provide monthly data of companies who have active health insurance policies and those that have lapsed with claims not being paid. This includes policies that are:

  • On-hold policies (with claims not being paid), and
  • Terminated policies.

We also receive complaints and queries from the public regarding health insurance coverage and have legislative authority to conduct on-site inspections of an employer’s financial and employment records in support of these inquiries.

Since April 2013, we have produced monthly internal reports on the progress of our monitoring and enforcement of the Health Insurance Act. And starting in June 2015, we have published the names of consistently non-compliant employers on our website.

Non-Compliant Employers

Our Reports