Press Releases

Health Council Continues to Improve Care 17th July 2017

$2.65M Paid in Health Insurance Claims Related to Road Traffic Crashes 15th May 2017

Health insurance premiums will decrease 28th April 2017

Health Council Releases Corporate Plan for FY 2017-2018 29th March 2017

Bermuda’s residents spent $84.5 million on overseas care. Can we spend less? 27th March 2017

What would we do without women in health? 9th March 2017

Servicing Bermuda’s debt depends on healthy people 28th February 2017

The Health Council Monitors Health Professionals 21st February 2017

Health Council Launches Patient Safety Video 13th February 2017

Increase in Uninsured Employees 9th February 2017

Health Council Gives Back to the Community 16th December 2016

Editorial- Advocating for Better Healthcare 1st December 2016

Patient SA.F.E.ty Legislation Tabled 22nd November 2016

Editorial- Improving Health S.A.F.E.ty 14th November 2016

The Health Council Announces S.A.F.E. Patient Care Campaign 1st November 2016

The Health Council Continues to Invite Discussion 23rd August 2016

The Health Council Hosts Town Hall August 22nd 10th August 2016

Patients Continue to Pay Minimal Upfront Costs 4th August 2016

The Bermuda Health Council Releases Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2015-16 18th July 2016

Minister of Health and Seniors defers Bermuda Health Council Amendment Act 2016 – 13th July 2016

Section 13 of Bermuda Health Council Act aims to strengthen patient protection – 24th June 2016

The Bermuda Health Council announces the release of the Actuarial Report 2015 – 26th April 2016

The Bermuda Health Council has released its Corporate Plan for fiscal year 2016-2017 – 30th March 2016

The Bermuda Health Council releases health professional boards’ performance report – 29th February 2016

Tawanna Wedderburn announced as Bermuda Health Council CEO, 17th February 2016

The Bermuda Health Council releases report on non-compliant employers – 3rd Feb 2016

The Bermuda Health Council announces the registration of health service providers – 26th Jan 2016

Health Council gives-up Christmas lunch to provide assistance to Meals on Wheels – 25th December 2015

Bermuda Health Council releases National Health Accounts Report 2015 – 7th October 2015

Bermuda Health Council invites proposals for Standard Health Benefit changes – 2nd July 2015

Bermuda Health Council to publish non-compliance with Health Insurance Act 1970 – 28th June 2015

Bermuda Health Council clarifies health insurance premium questions – 9th June 2015

Bermuda Health Council answers Screening Mammography FAQ’s – 2nd June 2015

Bermuda Health Council raises awareness of Claims Regulations requirements – 26th Feb 2015

Bermuda Health Council announces success of Home Medical Services Benefit – 12th Feb 2015

BHeC announces the release of the National Health Accounts Report 2013 – 10th Oct 2013

Bermuda Health Council Presents A Guide to Bermuda’s Health Costs – 13th June 2013

BHeC announces the publication of the Health Disparities Report 2013 – 14th Mar 2013

BHeC Clarifies: no long-term patients will be moved out of the hospital – 20th Feb 2013

Licensed and Approved Health Insurers 2012 – 12th Apr 2012

Response to article on GPs’ concern over patient privacy – 26th Mar 2012

RFP for Actuarial and Financial Modelling Services – 13th Dec 2011

BHeC Chairman attends the Fourth World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress – 29th Nov 2011

BHeC Announces the Release of the Actuarial Report 2010 – 17th May 2011

Unveiling of “Health in Review” By The Honorable Zane DeSilva JP, MP Minister of Health – 25th Jan 2011

BHeC Announces release of Health in Review Report – 25th Jan 2011

Employers’ Compliance Initiatives – 13th Sept 2010

Insurance Consultation Deadline Extension – 31st Aug 2010

Health Insurance Regulatory Reform Consultation Paper – 8th July 2010

Bermuda Health Accounts Report FY 2009 – 29th June 2010

New Sector Guidelines introduced to Minimize Upfront Payments in Healthcare – 22nd June 2010

Licensed and Approved Health Insurers – 30th Apr 2010

BHeC Council Appointments Notice – 8th Jan 2010

BHeC Announcement to Stakeholders on BAICO Receivership – 4th Aug 2009

BHeC appoints Attride-Stirling as CEO – 23rd July 2009

BHeC Strategic Plan – 11th June 2009

BHeC Submits Health Service Regulation – 26th Aug 2008

The BHeC Chair Announces Board Members – 19th Feb 2008

By the Hon. Nelson B.A. Bascome JP, MP Minister of Health – 28th Jan 2008