If you would like to bring a healthcare matter to our attention, we look forward to hearing from you. You may contact us by phone or email, or can use the form below to submit your query.


  • BHeC can respond to queries regarding health system issues and concerns, such as health insurance coverage, upfront charges, and quality of care.
  • BHeC cannot respond to questions related to personal health or illness such as diagnosing a condition or prescribing treatment. Such matters should be discussed with a physician or healthcare provider.
  • Queries about a specific individual or organization should be submitted by the aggrieved party/patient or someone with legal authority to represent them. Third-party queries can only be addressed in general terms.
  • Queries with defamatory or offensive content will not be addressed.
  • Queries will be addressed within 2 working days.
  • For more information on our Queries process visit our: Need to Know – Complaints and Queries

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