Reimbursement Rates

Under the services offered within Standard Health Benefit (SHB), as well as hospital treatment by private physicians and dentists, reimbursement rates are regulated. The SHB is the services mandated to be included in every health insurance policy. This includes some inpatient and outpatient care, Home Medical Services and diagnostic imaging services. Supplemental coverage, such as dental care, is not included but is still available for purchase through local insurers.

The Standard Premium Rate (SPR) is the cost of providing SHB and financing the Mutual Reinsurance Fund (MRF).

The reimbursement rates for the SHB and the SPR are set by the Minister of Health and are reviewed annually to ensure healthcare market sustainability, inclusion of feedback from stakeholders, affordability of services, and diversity of benefits that can support the health of individuals.

The approved providers and reimbursement rates for diagnostic imaging services and Home Medical Services for 1st June 2017 -31st March 2018 are listed below. Approved providers are prohibited from charging beyond the regulated reimbursement rate levels for these procedures. All fees for services provided by private practitioners are set by the health professionals delivering care.

MEMO- Standard Premium Rate for 2018-19

Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre236-1001
Bermuda Healthcare
Bermuda Home Dialysis


Bermuda International Eye
Brown Darrell
Ultrasound Imaging232-1023
TLC Solutions333-0145


Additional Regulated Fees

This fee schedule outlines the fees for inpatient treatment, out-patient treatment, physician charges, Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute and hospice care. Most of these fees are set by Bermuda Hospital’s Board (BHB) with the Health Council recommending the included SHB fees. The Minister of Health approves the fees.
Bermuda Hospitals Board (Hospital Fees) Amendment Regulations 2017 

Fees for hospital-based treatment by private physicians and dentists are regulated and set by the Bermuda Hospitals Board (Medical and Dental Charges) Order 2015. The Order sets physicians’ and dentists’ fees for treatment of patients in BHB facilities (King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute and the Lambe-Foggo Urgent Care Centre). Physicians and dentists are prohibited from charging fees beyond those set by the order for services performed within BHB facilities. These fees are set by BHB.
Bermuda Hospitals Board (Medical and Dental Charges) Amendment Order 2016