Health Statistics

This page contains selected health statistics and published studies on Bermuda’s population health status. In addition, there are useful links to reliable sources of international data. Keep an eye on this page, as it’s expected to grow.

For detailed epidemiological data it is best to contact the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit of the Department of Health at 278-4900 or, or visit their web site at

Population Health

Adult Wellness Survey 1999
Adult Wellness Survey 1999 – Summary
Annual Report on HIV/AIDS in Bermuda 2006
Causes of death 2006
Chronic diseases and risk factors 2007
Health Disparities Report 2013
Health in Review 2011
Health Survey of Adults & Children in Bermuda 2006
Health Survey of Adults in Bermuda 2011
Selected causes of death 2003-2005
Teen Wellness Survey 2001 -Summary

Health System & Financing

Bermuda Healthcare System Redesign Initiative 2000 (Arthur Andersen Report)
Bermuda Health Systems and Services Profile 2004 (Ramella Report)
Health Care Review 1996 (Oughton Report)
Health System Profile Bermuda 2009
National Health Accounts Report 2015
National Health Accounts Report 2014
National Health Accounts Report 2013
National Health Accounts Report 2012
National Health Accounts Report 2011
National Health Accounts Report 2010

International Sources

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Additional Health Data & Resources

Aging in Bermuda 2004
Cancer in Bermuda 2004
DOH Research Governance Framework 2008
Diabetes Resources for Professionals:

Diabetes Resources for Patients:

Health in the Americas BDA PAHO 2007
Healthy Weight Action Plan 2006
Hypertension (Blood pressure) Resources for Healthcare Professionals:

Hypertension (Blood Pressure) Resources for Patients:

Public Perceptions of Health Services 2005
Risks and Benefits of Local Fish Consumption Report 2007
A Study of Employment, Earnings & Educational Gaps 2009 (Mincy Report)
Well Bermuda: A National Health Promotion Strategy 2008